A new institute will analyze health care public options

The new institute, which goes live this morning at publicoptioninstitute.org, is a project of Wynne Health Group, said Billy Wynne, who’s overseeing the institute and the eponymous group.

The institute arrives as Democrats on the state and national level, like former Vice President Joe Biden, have signaled their interest in government-run public health options as an alternative to the single-payer health care plans backed by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

— The institute’s five staff will offer close analysis of Colorado and Washington state’s public-option programs and will later develop a toolkit for states that are interested in similar programs, Wynne told PULSE.

The institute is fully funded by Arnold Ventures, which is the philanthropic investing arm of John and Laura Arnold, the billionaires who have also funded work into drug price reform and other health care projects.

Meanwhile, Wynne said he consulted with Colorado last summer regarding the implementation of the state’s public option, but he told PULSE that was in his personal capacity and separate from the new institute.

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