Josh LaRosa Featured on Relentless Health Value Podcast

The podcast can be accessed here.

“Here’s one fact of life that’s always true: It will always be the desire of big vested interests to maintain and stick with the status quo. This applies to all of the various parties in the drug supply chain as much as it does to any other industry. So, here’s the $106-billion-a-year question: In 2019 or 2020, will all of the drug pricing proposals and legislature popping up all over the place in Washington and in some states right now—will they all just simply blow over? Is it the case that Big Pharma and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and insurance carriers are well girded enough to withstand these various efforts to undermine their revenue streams—at least at some level?

But let’s start at the beginning. You may be wondering what exactly is going on right now legislatively and with various proposals. It’s very difficult to keep track of it all. And what are pharma companies and PBMs and insurers mulling over as they contemplate their strategies to maintain their current level of control and keep their shareholders happy? Never fear. In this health care podcast, I speak with Josh LaRosa from Wynne Health Group. He sets us straight and gets us up to speed.”