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Media references to Impact Health Policy Partners and citations of team member analysis.

Note: Prior to [date], Impact Health Policy Partners was known as Wynne Health Group.

Alliance for Health Policy Webinar on COVID-19 Regulatory Actions

On March 27th, Wynne Health Group Chairman Billy Wynne participated in an Alliance for Health Policy webinar where he discussed COVID-19 related regulatory actions. Wynne provided a diverse and detailed overview on the Centers for…

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What Colorado’s Public Health Insurance Push Means for Democrats

Advocates for the public health option say industry is trying to kill it before a detailed legislative proposal has even been released. “There’s obviously a lot of national money being spent to protect the status…

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Colorado consumers could save up to 20% under state health insurance option, Polis says

The proposal is consistent with what the governor has discussed, but it’s important to study its full implications before determining if it’s the best approach, said Billy Wynne, a health care consultant and founder of…

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An Update on the Snowball of Drug Pricing Initiatives in Washington Right Now, With Josh LaRosa

Wynne Health Group Logo

In this health care podcast, Josh LaRosa from the Wynne Health Group is back to give us an update on the snowball of drug pricing initiatives zigzagging their way around Washington right now. For the…

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Gist Healthcare Daily Interview with Billy Wynne

Billy Wynne, the founder of the new Public Option Institute, explains how he is evaluating the implementation and impact of plans in Washington and Colorado. Listen to the podcast here.

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Q&A: Billy Wynne talks examining public option in Washington, Colorado

Billy Wynne, the founder of Wynne Health Group consulting firm, created the Public Option Institute to study the implementation of public insurance options in Washington and Colorado. Wynne established himself as a presence in the…

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A new institute will analyze health care public options

The new institute, which goes live this morning at, is a project of Wynne Health Group, said Billy Wynne, who’s overseeing the institute and the eponymous group. The institute arrives as Democrats on the state…

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Arnold Foundation-Funded Public Option Institute Will Track State Progress

The non-profit foundation funded by billionaire couple John and Laura Arnold is stepping up its efforts to tackle high health costs in the commercial sector, recently funding health policy consultant Billy Wynne’s Public Option Institute…

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Public Option Institute keeping a close watch on Colorado

The Public Option Institute launched Tuesday, examining programs in the works in Colorado and Washington state. The tool is the work of Wynne Health, with a grant from Arnold Ventures, the problem-solving philanthropic foundation. The site delivers a…

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Newsom Touts California’s ‘Public Option.’ Wait — What Public Option?

This version is different from the presidential candidates’ proposals because an insurance company will be responsible for running the public-option plan — not the government. But, ultimately, Washington will give its residents a new health…

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States Could Be the Next Trailblazers for Policy Regulating Hospital Costs

Colorado lawmakers have until May 7 to pass the public-option plan, which would be run by private insurers. Democrats control the governorship and state Legislature. “If they can’t get it done, it likely goes poorly…

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Politico Influence Highlights the Hire of Lauren Testa

Wynne Health Group has hired Lauren Testa as associate vice president. She previously was an assistant vice president at the Farragut Square Group. Read the full article here.

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